Myoma U Ba Lwin

Myoma U Ba LwinSayagyi U Ba Lwin

U Ba Lwin, was born in Rangoon, Burma on 20 September 1892) was founder of the Myoma National High School. He was a leading Burmese nationalist and national Educational figure of the 20th century. He was one of the national education leaders and a famous education leader. The Myoma school was first founded at Bahan township in December 1920. Then he was the headmaster of the Myoma National School. And the school was built in 1929 as part of a nationwide movement by the nationalist Burmese to counter what they perceived as drawbacks of the British colonial education system: lack of access, and a heavily biased curriculum. “Myoma Sayagyi U Ba Lwin (or) Beginner of National Education” book is one of the famous and the bestseller books of Myoma Myint Kywe. Myoma Myint Kywe was a monitor from Myoma National School. He was a pupil of Principal Myoma Sayagyi U Ba Lwin.


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