Sayadaw U Wirathu

U WirathuSayadaw U Wira Thu

U Wirathu, (Burmese: ဝီရသူ) (born 10 July 1968 in Kyaukse, Mandalay Division, Burma) is a Burmese Buddhist monk, and the spiritual leader of the anti-Muslim movement in Burma.

Almost people in Myanmar said that U Wirathu is one of the noble Buddhist monks, peacemakers and regarded as the movement’s highest protector for Buddhism. It has been reported that he advocates the boycott of shops owned by Muslims. The first 9 stands for the nine special attributes of the Lord Buddha and the 6 for the six special attributes of his Dharma, or Buddhist Teachings, and the last 9 represents the nine special attributes of Buddhist Sangha [monks]. Those special attributes are the Three Jewels of the Buddha. In the past, the Buddha, Sangha, Dhamma and the wheel of Dhamma were Buddhists’ sign. And the same goes for 969; it is another Buddhist sign.

Burma (Myanmar) President U Thein Sein clarified  Time of slandering the Buddhist religion and harming the national reconciliation process by accusing the outspoken cleric of stoking anti-Muslim violence in Burma.

U Thein Sein described U Wirathu as a “son of Buddha”, the president defended U Wirathu as a “noble person” committed to peace. “The article in Time Magazine can cause misunderstanding about the Buddhist religion, which has existed for millennia and is followed by the majority of Burmese citizens,” President U Thein Sein said.

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