Jay Chou


Jay Chou (born 18 January 1979) is a Taiwanese musician, singer, songwriter, music and film producer, actor and director. In 1998 he was discovered in a talent contest where he displayed his piano and song-writing skills. Over the next two years, he was hired to compose for popular Mandarin singers. Although he was trained in classical music, Chou combines Chinese and Western music styles to produce songs that fuse R&B, rock and pop genres. He composes all his own songs, as well as songs for other singers.

Jay Chou grew up in Linkou, Taipei County in Taiwan.  Both his parents were secondary school teachers: his mother, Ye Hui Mei (simplified Chinese: 叶惠美; traditional Chinese: 葉惠美; pinyin: Yè Huìměi), taught fine arts, while his father, Zhou Yao Zhong (Template:Zh=周耀中), was a biomedical researcher. His mother noticed his sensitivity to music and took him to piano lessons at the age of four. During his childhood, he was fascinated with capturing sounds and songs with his tape recorder, which he carried everywhere with him. In the third grade, he became interested in music theory and also started cello lessons. He is an only child and loved to play piano, imitate TV actors, and perform magic tricks. His favorite composer was, and still is to this day, Chopin. His parents divorced when he was 13, which caused him to become reclusive and introverted. Although he had friends, he often preferred to be alone, listening to music, contemplating and daydreaming. At Tamkang Senior High School, he majored in piano and minored in cello. He showed talent for improvisation, became fond of pop music and began to write songs.

AKA Chou Jie Lun

Born: 18-Jan1979
Birthplace: Linkou, Taiwan

Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: Asian
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Singer, Actor

Nationality: Taiwan
Executive summary: Taiwanese popstar, Kato in The Green Hornet

Father: Zhou Yao Zhong
Mother: Ye Hui Mei
Girlfriend: Patty Hou (“Pei-Cen Hou”, together 2004-06)

High School: Tan Jiang Senior High School

Endorsement of Levi Strauss (2004-05)
Endorsement of Motorola (2006-)
Endorsement of Panasonic (2001-05)
Endorsement of Pepsi (2002-07)

Secret (27-Jul-2007)

The Green Hornet (12-Jan-2011) · Kato
True Legend (9-Feb-2010)
Kung Fu Dunk (7-Feb-2008)
Secret (27-Jul-2007)
Curse of the Golden Flower (21-Dec-2006)
Initial D (19-Jun-2005)

Official Website:

Author of books:
Grandeur de D Major (2004)

Selected albums:
Jay (2000)
Fantasy (2001)
The Eight Dimensions (2002)
Ye Hui Mei (2003)
Common Jasmin Orange (2004)
November’s Chopin (2005)
Still Fantasy (2006)
On the Run (2007)
Capricorn (2008)
The Era (2010)

References:   http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jay_Chou

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