Sean Connery


AKA Thomas Sean Connery

Born: 25-Aug1930
Birthplace: Edinburgh, Scotland

Gender: Male
Religion: Roman Catholic
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Actor

Nationality: Scotland
Executive summary: James Bond

Military service: British Royal Navy

Sean Connery went to work on a milk delivery truck when he was nine, in the depths of the Depression. He dropped out of school at 13 to work full time, and joined the Navy at 15, where he served aboard the HMS Formidable. In his late teens and early 20s, Connery supported himself as a model and with other odd jobs, including a stint as a mortician’s assistant. He made his professional stage debut in the chorus of the London production of South Pacific in 1951, and his film debut in a tiny, uncredited role in 1955, in Errol Flynn‘s Lilacs in the Spring.

Connery came to moderate fame with a 1957 live telecast of Requiem for A Heavyweight, with Michael Caine. He got the role only when Jack Palance backed out, perilously near the scheduled broadcast date. The show’s producer was unsure about hiring him, but decided to gamble on the near-novice actor when several women on the set whispered that they found Connery attractive. Two years later he was offered two breakthrough roles — king of the apes in the next Tarzan movie, or a tuxedo-clad spy in Dr. No. Connery said no to Tarzan and yes to No.

Dr. No spawned sequel after sequel, and Connery played the spy seven times, with an appealing blend of surface sophistication and subdued savagery. Feeling typecast and undercompensated, Connery eventually walked away from the part. Connery wasn’t the first to play Bond — Barry Nelson had the role in a 1954 television version — but he was the movies’ first James Bond, and is still generally acknowledged as the best. He has had great success in other roles, but even decades later, Connery and Bond remain indelibly linked in the public’s mind. He was named People‘s Sexiest Man Alive in 1989, when he was 59, and Sexiest Man of the Century ten years later.

In 2005, Connery was sued for $30 million by downstairs neighbors in his Manhattan condominium, alleging that years of renovations to his palatial unit had lowered the value of their palatial unit. The suit also alleged that when the neighbors’ daughter knocked on Connery’s door, asking him to stop the “loud music at all hours and stomping about”, the actor’s “appearance and behavior was that of a rude, foul-mouthed, fat old man… Cursing and otherwise using indecent language, Connery demeaned [his neighbor], refused to lower the noise and slammed the door in her face”.

With an especially bad case of male pattern baldness, Connery began losing his hair at the age of 21. Without his toupee, he has been thoroughly bald for decades, except for a small ring of now-gray and thin hair above his ears.

Politically, Connery is a longtime supporter of Scottish independence.

Father: Joseph Connery (factory worker)
Mother: Euphamia Maclean (“Effie”, house cleaner)
Brother: Neil Connery (actor, b. 1938)
Girlfriend: Maxine Daniels (singer, dated mid-1950s)
Girlfriend: Carol Sopel (actress, dated 1957)
Girlfriend: Julie Hamilton (photographer, dated 1957)
Girlfriend: Lana Turner (actress, dated 1958)
Girlfriend: Sue Lloyd (actress, dated 1959-60)
Girlfriend: Shelley Winters (actress, dated early 1960s)
Girlfriend: Joyce Webber (model, dated 1962)
Wife: Diane Cilento (actress, dated 1958-62, m. 6-Dec-1962, div. 6-Sep-1973)
Mistress: Raquel Welch (actress, reported affair 1966)
Son: Jason Connery (actor, b. 11-Jan-1963, with Cilento)
Girlfriend: Lynsey De Paul (musician, dated in mid-1970s)
Wife: Micheline Roquebrune (painter, m. 1975)

Oscar for Best Supporting Actor 1988 for The Untouchables
Golden Globe 1988 for The Untouchables
Kennedy Center Honor 1999
Knight of the British Empire 1999 New Year’s Eve
American Film Institute Life Achievement Award 2006
Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St. Andrews
Wedding: Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones (2000)
Asteroid Namesake 13070 Seanconnery
James Bond
Endorsement of Fortune Brands Jim Beam bourbon (1966)
Scottish Ancestry
Risk Factors: Prostate Cancer

The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen (11-Jul-2003) · Allan Quatermain
Finding Forrester (19-Dec-2000)
Entrapment (29-Apr-1999) · Robert MacDougal
Playing by Heart (30-Dec-1998)
The Avengers (13-Aug-1998) · Sir August de Wynter
The Rock (7-Jun-1996) · John Patrick Mason
Dragonheart (31-May-1996) · Draco [VOICE]
Arabian Knight (25-Aug-1995) [VOICE]
First Knight (7-Jul-1995) · King Arthur
Just Cause (17-Feb-1995) · Paul Armstrong
A Good Man in Africa (14-Jul-1994) · Dr. Murray
Rising Sun (30-Jul-1993) · John Connor
Medicine Man (7-Feb-1992) · Dr. Robert Campbell
Highlander II: The Quickening (31-Jan-1991)
The Russia House (19-Dec-1990) · Barley
The Hunt for Red October (2-Mar-1990) · Marko Ramius
Family Business (13-Dec-1989) · Jessie
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (24-May-1989)
Memories of Me (14-Sep-1988) · Himself
The Presidio (10-Jun-1988)
The Untouchables (3-Jun-1987)
The Name of the Rose (24-Sep-1986) · William of Baskerville
Highlander (7-Mar-1986) · Ramirez
Sword of the Valiant: The Legend of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight (9-Jun-1984)
Never Say Never Again (7-Oct-1983) · James Bond
Five Days One Summer (6-May-1983)
Wrong Is Right (16-Apr-1982)
Outland (2-Sep-1981)
Time Bandits (13-Jul-1981) · King Agamemnon
Cuba (21-Dec-1979) · Maj. Dapes
Meteor (19-Oct-1979)
The First Great Train Robbery (2-Feb-1979) · Pierce
A Bridge Too Far (15-Jun-1977)
The Next Man (10-Nov-1976)
Robin and Marian (11-Mar-1976)
The Man Who Would Be King (17-Dec-1975) · Daniel Dravot
The Wind and the Lion (22-May-1975) · Raisuli
The Terrorists (Jan-1975)
Murder on the Orient Express (24-Nov-1974) · Col. Arbuthnot
Zardoz (16-Sep-1974) · Zed
The Offence (30-Mar-1973)
Diamonds Are Forever (17-Dec-1971) · James Bond
The Anderson Tapes (17-Jun-1971) · Anderson
The Red Tent (May-1971)
The Molly Maguires (8-Feb-1970)
Shalako (26-Sep-1968)
You Only Live Twice (13-Jun-1967) · James Bond
A Fine Madness (29-Jun-1966)
Thunderball (17-Dec-1965) · James Bond
The Hill (2-Aug-1965) · Joe Roberts
Goldfinger (17-Sep-1964) · James Bond
Woman of Straw (27-Aug-1964) · Anthony Richmond
Marnie (22-Jul-1964) · Mark Rutland
From Russia With Love (10-Oct-1963) · James Bond
Dr. No (7-Oct-1962) · James Bond
The Longest Day (Sep-1962) · Pvt. Flanagan
On the Fiddle (1961)
The Frightened City (1961)
Tarzan’s Greatest Adventure (8-Jul-1959) · O’Bannion
Darby O’Gill and the Little People (26-Jun-1959) · Michael McBride
Another Time, Another Place (2-May-1958)
Action of the Tiger (30-Aug-1957)
Time Lock (27-Aug-1957)
Hell Drivers (26-Aug-1957)

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