Roger Moore


AKA Roger George Moore

Born: 14-Oct1927
Birthplace: Stockwell, London, England

Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: White
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Actor

Nationality: England
Executive summary: James Bond after Sean Connery

Military service: Military Intelligence (required National Service, 2nd Lt.)

Roger Moore grew up in London, and lived through the blitz during WWII. As a young man, he worked as a model and, briefly, as a draftsman, before being accepted to the Royal Academy of Dramatic Arts. He made his film debut with a tiny role as a soldier in two 1945 films, Caesar and Cleopatra with Claude Rains and Vivien Leigh and Perfect Strangers with Robert Donat and Deborah Kerr. But Moore was mostly seen as a TV actor, after starring as Ivanhoe in a 1958-59 series, and The Alaskans the following season. When James Garner refused to play Bret on Maverick in 1961, Moore was brought in to star as his cousin Beauregarde. Moore and Tony Curtis were The Persuaders in the early 1970s.

Moore is best remembered on the small screen as Simon Templar, the lead spy in The Saint, which prefigured his role as James Bond. Moore made dozens of movies, but none were particularly memorable until Sean Connery refused to reprise his role as James Bond, and Moore became 007 in Live and Let Die (1973). Moore was three years older than Connery, and in Moore’s final Bond film, A View To A Kill in 1985, he was 58, making him the oldest actor to play Bond. Moore’s Bond was seen as somewhat silly, with wisecracks always at the ready, many of which were improvised by Moore.

Father: George Moore (London policeman)
Mother: Lillian Pope (housewife)
Wife: Doorn Van Steyn (ice skater, m. 9-Dec-1946, div. 1953)
Wife: Dorothy Squires (singer, m. 6-Jul-1953, div. 1968, d. 1995 cancer)
Wife: Luisa Mattioli (actress, m. 11-Apr-1969, div. 1996, one daughter, two sons)
Son: Geoffrey Robert Moore (restaurateur, b. 28-Jul-1966)
Daughter: Deborah Moore (actress, b. 27-Oct-1963)
Son: Christian Moore (b. 1973)
Wife: Kristina Tholstrup (“Kiki”, Danish stewardess, dated 1996-2002, m. 10-Mar-2002)

Golden Globe 1980 for World Film Favorite, Male
Commander of the British Empire 1999
Knight of the British Empire June 2003 during Queen’s Birthday Honors
UNICEF Celebrity spokesman
Endorsement of Toyota
Fainted (May-2003)
James Bond
Risk Factors: Prostate Cancer, Former Smoker, Pacemaker

The Persuaders Lord Brett Sinclair (1971-72)
The Saint Simon Templar (1962-69)
Maverick Beau Maverick (1960-61)
Ivanhoe Sir Wilfred of Ivanhoe (1958-59)

Cats & Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (29-Jul-2010) · Tab Lazenby [VOICE]
Boat Trip (4-Oct-2002) · Lloyd
The Enemy (9-Feb-2001) · Robert Ogilvie
Spice World (15-Dec-1997) · Chief
The Saint (4-Apr-1997) · Car Radio Voice [VOICE]
The Quest (19-Apr-1996)
The Man Who Wouldn’t Die (29-May-1995)
It’s the Monty Python Story (1993) · Himself
Bed & Breakfast (23-Sep-1991)
Bullseye! (28-Aug-1991) · Garald Bradley-Smith
Fire, Ice & Dynamite (18-Oct-1990)
A View to a Kill (24-May-1985) · James Bond
The Naked Face (Jun-1984) · Dr. Judd Stevens
Curse of the Pink Panther (13-Aug-1983) · Clouseau
Octopussy (6-Jun-1983) · James Bond
For Your Eyes Only (25-Jun-1981) · James Bond
The Cannonball Run (19-Jun-1981)
Sunday Lovers (31-Oct-1980)
Sea Wolves: The Last Charge of the Calcutta Light Horse (3-Jul-1980) · Capt. Gavin Stewart
ffolkes (1-Mar-1980)
Moonraker (27-Jun-1979) · James Bond
Escape to Athena (16-Feb-1979)
The Wild Geese (11-Nov-1978)
The Spy Who Loved Me (7-Jul-1977) · James Bond
Sherlock Holmes in New York (18-Oct-1976)
Shout at the Devil (23-Jul-1976)
Street People (30-Mar-1976)
That Lucky Touch (7-Aug-1975)
The Man with the Golden Gun (18-Dec-1974) · James Bond
Gold (7-Sep-1974)
Live and Let Die (27-Jun-1973) · James Bond
The Man Who Haunted Himself (1970)
Crossplot (25-Nov-1969) · Gary Fenn
Gold of the Seven Saints (18-Feb-1961) · Shaun Garrett
The Sins of Rachel Cade (10-Feb-1961)
The Miracle (12-Nov-1959)
Diane (12-Jan-1956)
The King’s Thief (5-Aug-1955) · Jack
Interrupted Melody (25-Mar-1955) · Cyril Lawrence
The Last Time I Saw Paris (18-Nov-1954) · Paul

Official Website:

Author of books:
My Word is My Bond: A Memoir (2008)


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