General Aung San


AKA Bogyoke Aung San

Born: 13-Feb1915
Birthplace: Natmauk, Burma
Died: 19-Jul1947
Location of death: Rangoon, Burma
Cause of death: Assassination

Gender: Male
Race or Ethnicity: Asian
Sexual orientation: Straight
Occupation: Government, Military

Nationality: Burma
Executive summary: Secured independence from Britain for Burma

“Internationally, the prospects of world peace have become none too bright. In the U.N.O. and outside, the obsolete tactics of power politics has re-appeared in a new garb; the time-worn theory of Balance of Power, the vain endeavour to re-distribute spheres of influence, the futile attempts to re-establish the old, effete world order which is no longer tenable in the new circumstance of peace, these again are the features of world politics. The Soviet Union and its supporters on one side and the Anglo-American combination on the other are fighting the furious battles of peace […] Attitude towards fascist Franco‘s Spain, the situation in Greece, China, Indonesia, etc., still remain obscure and undefined […] Already one seems to hear the distant rumblings of another war, a war which, in the words of that sailor-statesman Lord Mountbatten, will be a war of colossal destruction and of immense distances. Those words like “Freedom, Democracy” etc., which not long ago rang so loudly out of the fury and din of the clashes of arms clanging through the world, seem to be dying away in the distance. O tempora! O mores!” — from his speech on British Imperialism, delivered to the Burma Supreme Council on 16 May 1946

Father: U Phar (lawyer)
Mother: Daw Suu
Brother: U Ba Win (assassinated along with his brother, 1947)
Wife: Daw Khin Kyi (m. 6-Sep-1942, d. 27-Dec-1988)
Son: Aung San Lin (drowned when he was eight))
Daughter: Aung San Suu Kyi (activist, Nobel Prize recipient)
Son: Aung San Oo (engineer)

High School: Vernacular High School, Natmauk
High School: National High School, Yenangyaung
University: BA English Literature, University of Rangoon, Burma

Order of the Rising Sun 1943

Official Website:


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